Electronic Monitoring Devices

Electronic Home Monitoring allows the release of an offender into the community which would otherwise have been spent in jail. By obliging the individual to record his activities and be tested at anytime he has the ability and support needed to recover faster.

Supervising electronic monitoring was actually inspired by a Spiderman comic book by Judge Jack Love from New Mexico. These systems can include voice tracking, position tracking, position location, and biometric tracking used in the monitoring and supervising of these individuals.

After incarceration a defendant’s eligibility for electronic home monitoring in New Mexico depends on a few components; court orders, criminal records, a warrant check, and a thorough review of discipline, prior CCP participation, and incident reports. The defendant must have a permanent residence with the agreement that they can stay there under these house monitoring restrictions.


  • No alcohol allowed in the residence.
  • Dangerous weapons or firearms are not allowed in the residence.
  • No illegal drugs in the residence.
  • All federal, state, county, and city laws must be adhered to.

The Community Custody Program must always be allowed access to the defendant’s residence.

Only a basic land line is allowed as long as there is no internet, no cordless phone, no additional features such as Caller ID.

The defendant is required to pay in advance a process fee of $25.00, Urinalysis fee of $10.00, and the first week (5 working days) prior to entering the electronic monitoring program.

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The San Juan County Misdemeanor Compliance program is meant to be in compliance with the terms of probation as a means of monitoring a client’s adherence. It would also report on the completion of community service assignments encouraging behavior change.

Under the supervision of Gail Peters The San Juan County Misdemeanor Compliance Program has been in operation since October 2002.

Sentencing from the Magistrate Courts is in place to monitor misdemeanor crimes and to supervise adult offenders. They have in operation a Supervisor, five Compliance Officers and two Support Staff.

Funding is provided through San Juan County, Local DWI Program funds, and program fees collected from offenders.

Basic Criteria for Electronic Home Monitoring:

Offenders must meet the following minimum criteria for participation in the program: •Be authorized by the Magistrate Court system.

  • All rules of the compliance court Program must be agreed to.
  • Employed, seeking employment, or enrolled in an approved educational program.
  • Active participation in his or her own progress must be maintained.

Besides the many levels and techniques that are employed, the offender must take a major portion of the responsibility for his or her own progress. The Compliance Program is a system that rewards self-discipline.